About Me

Hello! Bonjour! Hola! Hallo! Ciao!

My name is Louanne Maes and I am a sophomore at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga with a major in environmental science! I graduated High school from Franklin, Tennessee and have been in Tennessee for 15 years!

Although I do not have an accent, I am actually not American! I was born in Liege, Belgium, and lived on the island of Cyprus until I was 4 years old! Both of my parents were born and raised in Belgium so I go back to Belgium usually once a year to visit all of my family! Belgium has three official languages (Dutch, French, and German), but I am only fluent in French. When I lived in Cyprus, I was also fluent in Greek, but unfortunately lost it when moving to the United States with my parents due to them not being fluent in the language. I could have been trilingual…oh well. Both countries are beautiful and completely different from one another. I highly recommend visiting both of them for a list of reasons: scenery, art, history, but most importantly in my opinion… FOOD.

The view of Liege Belgium from the Monument du 14e Ligne

Liege, Belgium: Photo By Alison Cornford-Matheson

Fishing boats in Kokkari bay with colourful houses in background, Samos island, Greece

Cyprus: Photo By Pawel Kazmierczak

Some hobbies of mine are:

  1. Visiting animal shelters
  2. Bing watching Netflix and watching movies
  3. Playing pool with my friends
  4. Traveling (Mostly outside of the United States)
  5. Spending time with my family
  6. Cuddling with my dog
  7. Exploring cool little towns
  8. Drinking coffee
  9. Trying out new foods
  10. Playing for hours in arcades

Other than being a full-time student, I really enjoy spending my free time around animals. My goal in life is to have a job involving animals that I genuinely enjoy going to everyday. Some people do not realize the importance of animals on this Earth. Animals are fascinating, beautiful, intelligent, intriguing, sometimes dangerous, strange, complicated, etc. The list can go on and on. Studying, but especially interacting with them as part of my career, would be a dream come true. This is one of the main reasons I chose environmental science as my major and why I think ecology is so important to talk about!

People should care about ecology because it is the interconnection between organisms and the environment around all of us. Life is everywhere around you and all of it has a purpose and is connected to something else of value in one way or another. Imagine everything like a chain link. If one link is broken, the entire chain is severed. Both flora and fauna have chains that are interwoven with the environment and with each other. Whenever a plant or animal is endangered or becomes extinct because of human influences, the whole chain is unbalanced. Of course, some unbalances are worse than others, but that does not change the fact that change is occurring.

I am studying ecology because I would like to know more about the life surrounding us and how I either benefit or harm the environment with my actions in everyday life. Everyone should recognize their footprint on this Earth and should work on bettering the environment for the sake of future generations and the quality of life in general. If we are ignorant about our actions on this Earth, the consequences will be greater than we think. Some of our actions will be irreversible. The future generations, if there are any, will have to live with it.

By writing these blogs, I would like to educate people in an interesting way. As a scientist, I would like to provide facts, numbers, evidence, research, etc. However, I know that most people are not scientists and would like to be informed about subjects without having their head explode with all sorts of information that they don’t quite understand. The point of this blog is to mix both sides of the spectrum. I would like to educate you in a scientific, but interesting way that hopefully makes you want to read more about the subject. My blog is different from other blogs because it creates a sense of ease when it comes to obtaining knowledge. Learning about new subjects can be quite stressful when facts, terms, and numbers are thrown at you without a detailed explanation. My goal is to help ease the learning process and teach the subject in an entertaining way.

To help you to get to know me better, here’s a couple pictures of me and of other things that gives a hint as to who I am!

Me at the Humane Educational Society in Chattanooga

Me at Snooper’s Rock in Chattanooga 

Farm in Belgium: Photo By Me


My Beloved Dog, Socks: Photo By Me


Me with a Jaguar at the Chattanooga Zoo


Me Visiting a Ferret at the Pet Store


A Man-made Shipwreck Seen From the Inside of a Submarine in Hawaii: Photo By Me

There you go! As you can tell, I love animals and exploring places.

I am excited to be posting more blogs about science and hopefully grabbing people’s attention on subjects that matter for us and our home we call Earth.

Until next time!

-Louanne Maes